GHX Ep 46: Rats!

• May 22nd, 2019

This week Fred and Trees open with a disclaimer on the show and site's personal politics as it has become increasingly important in today's landscape and address differences in opinion in the community.  Then the two move on to Sony's recent State of Play announcements, the heated labor union in game development conversation, and gems like Drakan on PS2 and A Plague Tale: Innoncence on modern platforms.

Closing Song: Rats by Ghost

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Game Boy: Play It Loud

• May 15th, 2019

This week Fred and Jam celebrate 30 years of the Game Boy.  Probably the most prolific portable console of all time, it was more than just a device for delivering Tetris and getting adults into video games, it ushered in a new way to play and design games.  We cover the gaming environment Game Boy released into, the portable efforts before it, a large talk on the library, and of course the many companies that tried to compete.

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GHX Ep 45: Hodgepodge

• May 8th, 2019

As the name suggests, this one has it all.  Disney World, Endgame (no spoilers!), PSP, Social Issues, Raiden Trad, Mortal Kombat, and oh so much more.

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Konami’s Arcade Classics

• May 1st, 2019

This week Fred and Jam discuss the eight highlighted arcade titles in the Konami Anniversary Arcade Classics Collection that recently released on all major platforms.  It's mostly shooters with one odd action title and some glaring omissions.

Songs (in order of appearance):

  • Stage Start - Gradius (Arcade)
  • Cross Your Heart - Haunted Castle (Arcade)
  • First Attack - Thunder Cross (Arcade)
  • Poison of Snake - Salamander (Arcade)
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GHX Ep 44: Card Games That Suck

• April 17th, 2019

This week Fred and Trees are shooting the breeze about partying, casinos, Kingdom Hearts, and good old Dead or Alive Xtreme.  

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eShop Retro

• April 10th, 2019

This week Fred and Jam tackle the treasure trove of retro games that can be found in various digital marketplaces.

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GHX Ep 43: Better Late Than Never

• April 3rd, 2019

Coming off the cusp of April Fools and with Trees still sick, our heroes trudge on.  It's time to discuss the news, April Fools, Kingdom Hearts, Dolby Atmos, and so much more.

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GHX Ep 42: Fred Solo

• March 20th, 2019

This week you get Fred, just Fred.  Yep...just...Fred...  That doesn't stop him from talking about games, news, and tech in a show that hopefully isn't a complete disaster.

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NGP: Next Gen Portable

• March 13th, 2019

This week Fred and Jam perform a eulogy for the recently retired Playstation Vita.  At almost three hours it's all covered from the development, release, games, evolution, and eventually retirement of Sony's surprisingly strong portable that everyone incorrectly claimed "had no games." 

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GHX Ep 42: It Isn’t Broken

• March 6th, 2019

Despite what it seems, this really is a video game podcast, we just like some personal tales before getting started.  Once the stories of Trees' epic New Hammy vacation are over it's time to talk about retro gaming collections, getting screwed over on Craigslist, the unabashed love of Kingdom Hearts, and beloved franchises that maybe no one ever really loved.

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