GHX Ep 42: Fred Solo

• March 20th, 2019

This week you get Fred, just Fred.  Yep...just...Fred...  That doesn't stop him from talking about games, news, and tech in a show that hopefully isn't a complete disaster.

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NGP: Next Gen Portable

• March 13th, 2019

This week Fred and Jam perform a eulogy for the recently retired Playstation Vita.  At almost three hours it's all covered from the development, release, games, evolution, and eventually retirement of Sony's surprisingly strong portable that everyone incorrectly claimed "had no games." 

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GHX Ep 42: It Isn’t Broken

• March 6th, 2019

Despite what it seems, this really is a video game podcast, we just like some personal tales before getting started.  Once the stories of Trees' epic New Hammy vacation are over it's time to talk about retro gaming collections, getting screwed over on Craigslist, the unabashed love of Kingdom Hearts, and beloved franchises that maybe no one ever really loved.

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Re-Release, Remaster, Remake, and Reboot

• February 27th, 2019

Fred and Jam have finally returned for a proper retro episode of Gaming History 101.  This time the topic is all about how to update a game: Re-Release, Remaster, Remake, and Reboot.  

Closing Song: Never Return Alive - Streets of Rage Remake Soundtrack 

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Resident Evil 2: Original vs. Remake

• February 13th, 2019

Fred and Jam are reunited and ready to kick off more consistent retro content, albeit this one is only half retro.  In this spoileriffic comparison podcast, the two delve into the development and content of the scrapped version of Resident Evil 2, dubbed Resident Evil 1.5 by the Internet, as well as the original full blown release.  Then they move over to comparing the quality and content in this new remake.  It's a long ride and it's highly recommended that you play the games first, but sit back and enjoy a horrifying trip through the Raccoon City police department and beyond.

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GHX Ep 41: Virtual Insanity

• February 6th, 2019

This week there's some random Super Bowl talk before delving into sports games, virtual reality nausea, cowboys, 3D Resident Evil 5, and wrapping up with collector's items.  It's a wild ride but one worth taking.  

Opening Song includes excerpts from DeDeDe (Metal Remix) by Ozzed 
Closing Song: So They Say by Stratosphere off the Tetris Effect soundtrack

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GHX Ep 40: What’s Old Is New

• January 23rd, 2019

Jam has returned!  In this episode Fred and Jam talk about recent events followed by a lengthy discussion about video game prices.  From there the conversation migrates to into various topics including the remake of Resident Evil 2.  

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GHX Ep 39: We’re Baaaack!

• January 9th, 2019

This week Fred and Trees return in 2019 accompanied by Scarcasm Live's own Chase.  The topics are booming with holiday chats, gifts, Arcade 1up machines, and even Playstation VR.  That also means a ton of games are mentioned and plenty of bunny trail topics.  

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2019 at GH101

• December 31st, 2018

Fred talks about the plans for the site moving forward.  

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2018 in Review Day 5: The Games

• December 30th, 2018

The GH101 crew and guests assemble to discuss their most notable games of 2018.

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